PRC Board

Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board Members:

Michael Hibbard, Chair, Stephanie Gruarin, Joseph Marra, Denise Mess, Richard Ries, Colleen Swavy and Denham Wilson. 

Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board Mission:

It is the primary mission of this Board to maintain, protect and enhance the green space with its purview.  In so doing, this Board, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, provides areas appropriate for and conducive of such recreation that promotes physical fitness, through exercise and athletic actiivities.  The Board further supports and encourages multi-generational activities through arts and crafts and safe alternatives leading to further healthy and sound entertainment. Finally, the Lewiston Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board encourages members of the community to volunteer at the Board's sponsored events and invites the community to share those new ideas, suggestions and comments that will nurture its future growth and effectiveness.

PRC Meetings

The Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board meets periodically throughout the calendar year. Please check the Board Meeting dates schedule for future meeting dates.